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Portada 400 Foot Down
Publishing date:4/10/2023


The therapeutic power of freediving.

W e normally take around twelve breaths per minute, around seven-hundred per hour, or over 17,000 every day. Breathing is the foundation of physical and mental performance, and it is also one of the most overlooked aspects of physical training. But what would happen if we really learnt to master something as basic as breathing in and out? Where might we get to if we took control of our own

One answer is in the title of this book. But there are a thousand more. Mastering out breathing can lead us to sporting excellence. To emotional control. To overcoming anxiety and fear. To personal satisfaction. To a fuller life, both physically and mentally.

By doing something as simple –and as complex– as learning to exploit the full potential of his breathing, Miguel Lozano has turned freediving into a way of life, and a teaching method.

Through his personal story and the techniques for reducing stress, improving concentration and managing emotions that Lozano shares in this book, you too will learn to question the unquestionable and discover that your limits are always further away than they appear.


Highlights 400 Foot Down

Learn to control your breathing and overcome your limits.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 4/10/2023

ISBN: 978-84-1344-271-6

Pages: 232

Imprint: Alienta Editorial



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