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Publishing date:6/02/2014


If she hadn’t existed, everything would have been different. But it wasn’t her fault. It was my decisions that made her endanger everything we had fought for and brought the police down on us, unleashing a war for power that would rock the neighbourhood. Months before, I had come back home with just one goal: to take revenge on the people who ruined my father and get back what they had taken. He had taught me that a man must do everything they can to take care of and protect their family. And I was ready to do it.

I was very lucky to have Sastre, my best friend, with me. With his help, I was able to give back to my family what was theirs. Although our methods were never legal, according to our own moral code we weren’t committing crimes, we were meting out justice. And then she came into my life. She was Carol, the neighbourhood boss’s mistress, the girl I fell in love with, who turned my world upside down. My name is Miguel and this is the truth about what happened.


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“The voice of the crisis, twenty years before. A literary find in the best traditions of Marsé and Cercas”, RICARD RUIZ GARZÓN, literary critic.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 6/02/2014

ISBN: 978-84-08-12470-2

Pages: 640

Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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An excellent story; enchanting, tender and hypnotic but also full of action, adventure and adrenaline.

Sáez Carral does with Madrid what Vázquez Montalbán and Marsé did with Barcelona. The novel is based on his own experiences.


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