Portada Arzak


  • Juan Mari Arzak
  • Elena Arzak
Publishing date:20/11/2018


A journey through the career of Juan Mari Arzak, the great patriarch of Spanish gastronomy and the New Basque Cuisine, accompanied by the most emblematic recipes of the last ten years of his career.


• Juan Mari Arzak is considered, together with Ferran Adrià, to be the great architect of the Spanish gastronomic revolution.

• He is probably the foremost figure in Spanish cuisine with a tremendously long-lasting influence on the new generations of chefs. 

• The book commemorates the 40th anniversary of the birth of the so-called New Basque Cuisine, the movement based on the Nouvelle Cuisine that was the germ of the current Spanish gastronomic revolution. 

• This new book contains the 80 most emblematic recipes of the last ten years of his work, as well as the most emblematic of his career.

• The award-winning Arzak restaurant is a national and international gastronomic reference. Since 1989 he has been awarded three Michelin stars.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 20/11/2018

ISBN: 978-84-08-19613-6

Pages: 254

Imprint: Planeta Gastro

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