Portada Death in Three Textures
Portada Death in Three Textures

Death in Three Textures

Publishing date:10/01/2024


The setup is ready. The first crimes are served.

Philippe Bouvier, chef of the prestigious London restaurant White Spoon, works with his inseparable Japanese assistant, Tsu, in creating the tasting menu for the winter season. The second Michelin star is at stake. After two years without seeing each other, Philippe receives a visit from his brother-in-law, Scotland Yard captain Hadrien Gibbs, accompanied by Sergeant Harrington.

Over the past few weeks, a series of corpses with a very gastronomic peculiarity have appeared in London: the victims, seated at the table, have their abdomen open and devoid of viscera, revealing a hole inside where the bolus is perfectly presented and plated. The police, disoriented and without any hopeful leads, decide to turn to the two chefs in the hope that their gastronomic vision might shed light on some detail that has escaped them. Philippe is unaware that, for his selfless collaboration, he may be about to pay a much higher price than the michelin star...


Highlights Death in Three Textures

Sensory, wild, and very visceral. "Death in Three Textures" combines the tension of the best psychological thriller with the frenetic pace of professional cooking.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 10/01/2024

ISBN: 978-84-10140-00-4

Pages: 480

Imprint: NdeNovela