Portada Earth and Ashes

Earth and Ashes

Original title:

La terra i les cendres

Publishing date:2/11/2023


Brazil: a profound journey into the country of Lula, Bolsonaro and Casaldàliga


A journey into the heart of a country of extremes.

Brazil is a country of intense contrasts. A place where the extremes of wealth and poverty, devastating injustice and heartfelt solidarity, a populist right and an idealist left, breathtaking natural wonders and predatory lobbyists, can be found sitting side-by-side. It is a country which holds up a mirror to the world's complexities and contradictions, where nothing is as it seems and events rarely have a simple explanation. Brazil has produced charismatic leaders such as Lula and Casaldàliga, people who want to change the world for the sake of progress, while also giving rise to the populist forces of Bolsonarism which seek to roll it back.

Renowned journalist Francesc Escribiano first travelled to Brazil in the spring of 1985 where he met Pedro Casaldàliga. Now he returns to capture the mood of contemporary Brazilian society, attempting to gain a sense of what is left of the causes fought for by the 'people's priest' – wealth redistribution, justice, and the right to land. The result is a fascinating book which lifts the lid on the undercurrents polarising society, demonstrating one journalist’s love for a country and for the man who became his idol.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 2/11/2023

ISBN: 978-84-233-6427-5

Pages: 264

Imprint: Ediciones Destino