Portada Educating Without A GPS

Educating Without A GPS

Publishing date:14/04/2021


A comprehensive vision of parenting for you to enjoy the journey.

This is not just another book on how to raise your children. This is not a list of lessons you have to study to be a better parent. The first guideline in this book is very simple: enjoy parenting. You are not perfect: you are what your child needs.

Educating without a GPS believes in a comprehensive and common sense vision of family relationships, education, childhood and growth. When we have a bird’s eye view of the complete map, we don’t need a voice in our ear telling us every second “turn right” or “take the third exit”. Throw the GPS out the window and enjoy the road, because parenting is an exciting journey.

Ares González invites us to leave behind the idea that we must try to do it all. It’s time to enjoy our children and learn to combine their education with our own life. The tools are there: we just need to know them.


Highlights Educating Without A GPS

An apprenticeship for the happiness and wellbeing of your children and the whole family.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 14/04/2021

ISBN: 978-84-08-24069-3

Pages: 336

Imprint: Editorial Planeta