Portada Emovere
Publishing date:25/10/2023


The game to help children become familiar with their emotions and learn how to manage them.

Have you ever seen the face of fear? Or of joy? Or of love? We have all felt these emotions, but sometimes it is difficult to put a face to them. With this game children will learn to recognize the most basic and important emotions: fear, anger, sadness, joy, love, calmness, shame, curiosity, disgust, jealousy, surprise and boredom.

In this fun card game, Rafa Guerrero, a psychotherapist specializing in healthy attachments and behavioral problems, accompanies us on the path to discovering what goes through the heads of children when they feel.

Featuring fun and evocative illustrations, which perfectly represent each of our most primary emotions, these cards present a new way for children to identify their emotions and have fun understanding their aspects, so that they are better able to manage them.


Highlights Emovere

Created by Rafa Guerrero, a psychotherapist specializing in healthy attachments and behavioral problems.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 25/10/2023

ISBN: 978-84-480-3791-8

Pages: 96

Imprint: Libros Cúpula