Portada Greece For Everyone

Greece For Everyone

Publishing date:12/03/2019


The history of ancient Greece, its culture, and its legacy in an attractive format for all audiences.

Greek civilization left an important legacy, though we often ignore its origins. In a pleasant and accessible tone, Carlos García Gual tells how Greek civilization was born, the rivalry between Athens and Sparta, the struggle for hegemony in the Mediterranean, the development of the polis and democracy, of thought and philosophy, of science and mathematics, Greek art, social and familiar relations, mythology, and literature.

In these pages, we discover the fields in which the Greeks were pioneers, the aspects of their culture we have held onto up till today, their similarities to us and their differences, and even the words we’ve inherited from them: democracy, Olympics, philosophy, history, theology.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 12/03/2019

ISBN: 978-84-670-5480-4

Pages: 200

Imprint: Espasa