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Publishing date:29/05/2024


A thrilling vision of the future of humanity, with echoes of Independence Day and Close Encounters of the Third Kind 

One day, Doctor Chase Ward, the most respected astrophysicist of his generation, is visited by a government agent. His expertise is required to analyse an extra-terrestrial object dredged up from the ocean floor, which points toward the existence of a civilisation more advanced than humanity. 

As Dr Ward works to solve an incommensurable mystery which brings him face to face with questions about the Universe and the nature of mankind, humanity bears incredulous witness to the arrival of giant alien spaceships in Earth's atmosphere. Though they remain motionless and don't appear to show signs of life, tension, distrust and hysteria spread exponentially among the population, as world governments prepare to launch an armed offensive that could have devastating consequences. 

Grey is a stark reflection on humanity’s tendency to respond to fear of the unknown with violence. In the classic tradition of science fiction, the action of the story begins with the Ward’s analysis of the alien object before spiralling outwards to consider the social, political and even religious implications that such a discovery brings with it.

A story about first encounters with a hefty dose of action which gives way to hope, along with the idea that racial and cultural diversity might be preserved


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"If we weren't able to stand the idea of a man kissing another man, or the fact that people have different coloured skin[...] how were we ever going to accept that an extra-terrestrial civilisation might want to visit us? They're not the grey ones. We are." 

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Technical data

Publishing date: 29/05/2024

ISBN: 978-84-450-1693-0

Pages: 356

Imprint: Minotauro



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