Portada Heartless


Publishing date:10/04/2012


November 2008, Egypt (somewhere between Luxor and Aswan). Oriol Laclau i Masdeu, a prominent Catalan, construction magnate, football director and renowned socialite, is living in luxury in Cairo when he dies suddenly, apparently of natural causes. One year later, Diana Dial has just arrived in Luxor, moving into a villa owned by a friend, Lady Roxana, who is also Oriol Laclau’s sister. Lady Roxana tells Dial about Oriol’s death, which occurred on a yacht on the Nile while he was celebrating his 60th birthday surrounded by friends and family. She suspects that Oriol was skilfully murdered by one of the passengers on the yacht and has decided to entrust Diana Dial with the investigation. The retired journalist, aided by her inseparable friend, Commissar Fattush, whom Diana sends for from Beirut to work on the case, and the indispensable help of her Philippina maid, Joy, must find out what really happened on the voyage.

Diana and Fattush decide to repeat the voyage as accurately as possible, with all the guests included. This is a novel full of characters who are not what they seem.


Highlights Heartless

Maruja Torres travels to Egypt to present us with a surprising new murder case for her investigative reporter Diana Dial to solve.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 10/04/2012

ISBN: 978-84-08-00411-0

Pages: 288

Imprint: Editorial Planeta


A novel full of winks to dedicated readers of Agatha Christie, (the setting is a yacht on the Nile where all the characters are suspects) as well as Maruja Torres fans.

A desire for social justice and political commentary combine with the novel’s plot in a fast-paced read full of irony and humour, set against the background of recent political and social events in Egypt.

This novel by Maruja Torres confirms her position as a star student of Agatha Christie. Torres’ alter ego, Diana Dial, has to seek out a murderer from among the friends of a Catalan magnate living in Egypt.