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Portada His Father's Blood
Portada His Father's Blood

His Father's Blood

Publishing date:8/11/2023


Following the assassination of his father, the young Alexander ascends to the throne of Macedonia. He has inherited not only the title, but also the duty to triumph in the mission his people demand of him: to wrest from the Persians the lands that were once Greek and restore their freedom. Yet, he is unable to stop there; the blood of kings, heroes and gods that flows in his veins compels him to undertake a much more ambitious venture. He aims to conquer Babylon, Persepolis and all the cities on his journey to the east, until he defeats the last Achaemenid king, the formidable Darius, and puts an end to the Persian Empire forever. He knows it is his destiny. He alone can achieve it, he alone can conquer the world; he alone is Alexander the Great.

That day he faced the harsh reality that sometimes sons shed tears and blood to show their courage, risking even a pointless death to prove themselves worthy of their fathers, but in return receive nothing, not so much as a look of pride.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 8/11/2023

ISBN: 978-84-08-28018-7

Pages: 608

Imprint: Editorial Planeta



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