Portada I Forgot to Tell You That I Love You
Portada I Forgot to Tell You That I Love You

I Forgot to Tell You That I Love You

Publishing date:31/03/2016


Malena is living a hectic life: her work, social commitments and need to do everything herself are taking up too much of her time. One night, as she is driving home after a long day at work, an animal steps into the road.

The impact is terrible.

At that moment, in the brief period between life and death, Malena’s life passes before her eyes, showing her all the things she left unsaid: words of love, forgiveness, friendship and recognition... She sees all her love affairs, both good and bad: the ones that made her suffer, the one in which she was at fault and her current love to whom she owes so much but never realized it until now; her friends, her best friend whom she forgot to tell how much she meant to her before she left; her family, and more than anything; her grandmother, a charming, funny and surprising character who will set Malena’s life straight and make sure that she’ll never forget to say ‘I love you’ again.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 31/03/2016

ISBN: 978-84-08-15297-2

Pages: 256

Imprint: Editorial Planeta

Rights sold

Nord (Italy).


A hopeful novel full of optimism and humour.

After the success of her first novel La luz de Candela (Candela’s Light), Mónica Carrillo returns to the literary adventure.

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