Portada Kazan Operation
Portada Kazan Operation

Kazan Operation

Publishing date:23/03/2022


The birth of a child in New York in 1922 will change the history of the world a century later.

Soviet intelligence services craft a future for that baby: the boldest espionage plan ever imagined. A few years later, Lavrentiy Beria, the bloodthirsty head of the Bolshevik police, will present that plan to Stalin, who will appropriate the operation and turn it into a personal and extremely secret mission, warning the man charged with carrying it out that it must not escape his strict control. It will be the Kazan Operation.

Now in our present, an insatiable, reckless KGB agent comes to power in Moscow, and relaunches the Kazan Operation to sabotage the West and recover Russia’s status as a superpower. But will it succeed? Will the Russian leader achieve his real goal of controlling the United States from the Kremlin? Will he fulfill Stalin's order or will the operation escape his control?

This novel begins with its roots in the 1917 Russian Revolution and leads all the way up to the American elections of the twenty-first century, inevitably affected by many events along the way: the horrors of World War II; the Normandy landings; the Cold War; the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989; the collapse of communist regimes in the 90s and the current Russian interference in Western democracies.


Highlights Kazan Operation

Primavera Prize 2022.

A sophisticated espionage novel that traces recent world history and offers a thrilling fictional plot that could very well be absolutely true.

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Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 23/03/2022

ISBN: 978-84-670-6368-4

Pages: 424

Imprint: Espasa

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Salani (Italy). 



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