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Portada Kissedlips
Portada Kissedlips


Publishing date:27/09/2023


A novel set in the thrilling world of television which proves that even the best scripts can’t compare to real life.

Camilo Orellana is the successful director of KissedLips (KL), a prestigious production company based in one of Madrid’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. Ana, his secretary, is a single mother pursuing a secret relationship with renowned author Martín Varela, who is in talks with Camilo to adapt Eden, his latest novel, into a TV series. The book’s potential has caught the eyes of HBO executives, and lovers, Nacho and Nuria. KL’s head of production, Rocío, has been abandoned by her husband after the birth of her first child, and is responsible for negotiating the rights contract between Martín, Nacho and Nuria. She also happens to be Camilo’s ex-lover. Adela, a trans woman with aspirations of becoming an actress and friend of Nacho’s wife, is auditioning for a part in a miniseries produced by KL for Amazon Prime. Camilo Orellana Jr. is a spoiled rich kid still missing his mother since she died of cancer when he was a child - his father’s production business couldn’t interest him less. His friend Jennifer on the other hand is working as a high-class escort to fund her dreams of becoming an actress. Jacinto, a doorman who works at the KL offices, is struggling to come to terms with his wife’s Alzheimer’s, and confides in César, the owner of a nearby florists.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 27/09/2023

ISBN: 978-84-670-6979-2

Pages: 288

Imprint: Espasa


KissedLips gives each of these characters their moment in the spotlight, telling the story of how their lives inadvertently intersect and change in ways they least expect.

A polyphonic novel with a fresh, playful tone that will delight fans of films such as New York, I Love You or Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.


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