Portada Milena or the Most Beautiful Femur in the World

Milena or the Most Beautiful Femur in the World

Publishing date:4/11/2014


The beauty of Milena was also the cause of her perdition. Forced into sexual slavery in her teens, she tries to flee when her protector, a communications magnate, dies from a heart attack as he is making love to her. During her anguished flight, she meets the Azules, a trio of crusading do-gooders made up of the journalist Tomás Arizmendi, the politician Amelia Navarro and the security specialist Jaime Lemus. They want to free her, but Milena is zealously protecting the controversial mystery she keeps in her little black book, which represents her salvation and also, especially, her vengeance.

This is a vibrant novel filled with action and romance that denounces the abuse of power and corruption, baring the soul of a woman who has been terribly mistreated, like so many others, by an increasingly globalized industry.


Highlights Milena or the Most Beautiful Femur in the World

Winner of the Premio Planeta 2014.

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Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 4/11/2014

ISBN: 978-84-08-13405-3

Pages: 480

Imprint: Editorial Planeta

Rights sold

Actes Sud (France), Mondadori (Italy), Swiat Ksiazki (Poland), Shanghai bookstore Publishing House (China), Restless Books (World English Rights), Matcom (Bulgaria).

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Planeta Brasil (Brazil).

Audiovisual rights optioned.