Portada Minor the Brutolote 2. The Zut Scourge

Minor the Brutolote 2. The Zut Scourge

Publishing date:4/10/2023
Categories:Children & YA


Minor, a tiny warrior of the Brutolote tribe, suffers a curse at the hands of the evil Bahlfagor, who condemns him to travel eternally between dimensions, accompanied by his faithful dog Calcetín, and Pavorosa, a fairy that only he can see.  

This time, Minor finds himself on a spaceship that seems to be abandonned. But Captain Flores, Corporal Filipo and Doctor Flaggart locate him and explain that there is an epidemic on the ship: the whole crew has been turned into zuts, horrible creatures that, if they bite you, turn you into a zut. They must reach room B-3, where the antidote is stored to change their companions back into their normal state. Will Minor be able to help the others make their way through the dangerous ship without falling victims to the Zut Scourge?

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 4/10/2023

ISBN: 978-84-1140-974-2

Pages: 64

Imprint: Planeta Cómic