Portada Montessori Calendar

Montessori Calendar

Publishing date:15/09/2020


An interactive calendar with activities and playful proposals that will help the little ones to be aware of the passage of time, seasons, traditions, etc.

When Maria Montessori advises us to "give the world" to our children, she means that we accompany our children in discovering the world around them: the clouds, the trees, the flowers, the snow...and the changes in nature throughout the seasons.

This calendar will be the best companion for the little ones to connect with the environment and the different moments of the year hand in hand with their parents. It includes activities and exclusive stickers that follow the Montessori philosophy.

IT CONTAINS: *A Montessori activity *Tips for adults *The most important dates of the year *Look at the moon and choose the closest sticker. YOU WILL ALSO FIND: *A recipe to cook with the family and a craft to make sensory boxes *Stickers to highlight the most special days for you.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 15/09/2020

ISBN: 978-84-08-23152-3

Pages: 18

Imprint: Timun Mas Infantil