Portada One Small Step for [a] Man

One Small Step for [a] Man

Publishing date:23/10/2018


This book is not intended to be just another story about the first trip to the Moon. Rather, it aims to reveal some unusual or at least unknown facets to the general public. The small details that tend to remain hidden and that illustrate much better the magnitude of the endeavor and the thousand and one difficulties that had to be overcome to carry it out. An unprecedented odyssey.


Highlights One Small Step for [a] Man

The book includes a multitude of unpublished or very little known images from the NASA archives.

The secret story and unknown details of man’s journey to the moon.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 23/10/2018

ISBN: 978-84-480-2494-9

Pages: 328

Imprint: Libros Cúpula