Portada Page 428
Publishing date:2/06/2021


Think twice before you ask for help.

In 1979, Anne Sullivan’s body appears, horribly mutilated, in the birch forest around Lake Pike. This is the first sign that a serial killer is on the loose. Who killed Anne Sullivan and the other girls? Two cops with very different characters will get sucked into the investigation until they are incapable of setting a limit between their public and private lives.

Forty years later, the police psychologist Katherine Nowak starts to wonder who she is after hearing the words her aunt pronounces on her deathbed. Who is she really? Did her parents die in a car accident or has her aunt been lying to her for more than thirty years?

And what is the relationship between the murders in 1979 and the psychologist’s questions?

That is something only known to the writer who visited a maximum-security prison in 1989 so a killer could help him wrap up the plot of his novel on the final page: 428.

Page 428 is a psychological thriller that follows three timelines to take the reader suspensefully to an unpredictable ending.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 2/06/2021

ISBN: 978-84-670-6248-9

Pages: 400

Imprint: Espasa