Portada Side Effects

Side Effects

  • Almudena Solana
Publishing date:21/05/2013


In this novel, the ten bestselling medications in the world are turned into real characters: ten lives that little by little start to intermingle until they reach a common end. Aspirin, Lorazepam, Metamizole, Diclofenac, Sintrom, Augmentin and Valium, among others, come to life in this intelligent, ironic and suspenseful novel. Love, relationships, sex, unrealized dreams, oblivion and old-age are just some of the themes addressed in the accompanying medical instructions. It is these medical instructions that have inspired the new novel by Almudena Solana, who, with her fresh, personal narrative style, takes maximum care over each phrase, placing each word in its rightful place. This is a fascinating survey of contemporary life, seen through its most common medications.


Highlights Side Effects

A fresh, innovative novel, without any side-effects!

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 21/05/2013

ISBN: 978-84-08-11222-8

Pages: 280

Imprint: Editorial Planeta


Almudena Solana’s new novel is inspired by medical instructions for use, in which the author, in her fresh, personal narrative style, takes maximum care with each phrase, ensuring that not a word is left out of place.

An original social perspective, seen through the ten best-selling medications.