Portada Silvestre. Cooking with Wild Plants

Silvestre. Cooking with Wild Plants

Publishing date:25/05/2022


A book that offers a reference content for those who wish to delve into the world of wild plants from a gastronomic and creative perspective, with full academic rigor.

An essential book on wild plants and their gastronomic value from the Basque Culinary Center, the most important academic institution of gastronomic research in Spain.

The book proposes a meeting point between gastronomy and botany from which to share useful, practical and attractive information on the wide and stimulating universe of wild plants. To this end, it summarizes the most important aspects on this subject: from what wild plants are, how they should be collected, how to use them with different culinary techniques and what for, to why they have become so important in the very close link between nature and gastronomy.

A type of catalog that includes species of maximum proximity with gastronomic potential. Endorsed by botanists and chefs, the book sets the precedents in the gastronomic field regarding how to creatively approach the world of plants, with the Basque Culinary Center as the point where gastronomy and botany meet, no longer just as a center of dissemination but as a center of great authority on the subject, all backed by research of the highest caliber.


Highlights Silvestre. Cooking with Wild Plants

With recipes developed at the Basque Culinary Center that include photographs, illustrations and QR codes that give access to videos where the elaboration of each recipe is shown.

The classification of wild plants is organized according to their gastronomic value.

A reference publication for people interested in discovering and making use of wild plants, offered through a gastronomic and innovative perspective from the BCC in an informative and close tone.

180 plants presented with a technical data sheet, and each one with its organoleptic profile, its edible parts and culinary uses, as well as recipes.

With gastronomic applications and techniques (fermentations, preserves, infusions, macerations, obtaining spices) that can help us to enhance the qualities of edible wild plants.

A gastronomic approach to nature backed by scientific knowledge and with real culinary applications based on wild plants.

The prologue is written by Miles Irving, an expert in wild foods and author of the book The Forager Handbook, considered the bible of the search for and gathering of edible plants.

A large team of chefs and botanists have participated in the work.

An important work that discovers the gastronomic value of the world of wild plants from a close, attractive, practical and creative perspective.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 25/05/2022

ISBN: 978-84-08-25779-0

Pages: 448

Imprint: Planeta Gastro