Portada The Art of Listening (to Yourself)

The Art of Listening (to Yourself)

Publishing date:10/04/2024


Discover how learning to listen opens the door to success in business, love and relationships

As children, we are taught how to ask for something, how to say thank you... but we aren’t taught how to listen or how to understand our complex inner world. This book invites us to discover our inner selves and to activate critical thinking to be able to see even our shadows and innermost secrets. The author provides us with invaluable advice on how to listen to our true needs to bring out our best selves. The book reviews the many factors and aspects that affect our ability to listen to ourselves, from self-defeating or self-limiting beliefs and self-judgment to the disconnect between mind and body. Armed with the universal tool the author gives the reader, we will learn to confidently navigate the world and realize our dreams.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 10/04/2024

ISBN: 978-84-1119-143-2

Pages: 352

Imprint: Diana