Portada The Class Where I Fell in Love with You

The Class Where I Fell in Love with You

Publishing date:20/05/2010


The arrival of a new pupil from an asylum centre causes a stir in a school for the comfortably off. The open attitude of three friends who welcome and protect the student provokes the anger of a neo-nazi gang, who plan to punish their temerity. This is a novel for young people about urban gangs and gratuitous violence, that asks fundamental questions about the need for tolerance, solidarity and generosity.

Titles in the series:
- The Class Where I Fell in Love With You
- The Music on the Wind
- The God's Gold
- Interior Zones
- The Hypotenuse Crime

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 20/05/2010

ISBN: 978-84-08-09071-7

Pages: 216

Imprint: Planetalector