Portada The Criminal Readers' Society

The Criminal Readers' Society

Publishing date:30/08/2023


A serial killer among the students at a university, a group of friends where no one is what they seem, secrets that can’t be confessed

When Angela joins a reading club at the library of her university, she can’t imagine the macabre game that is only just starting. Caught up in an “innocent” joke meant to frighten her literature professor, she ends up an accomplice to murder.

Along with her classmates, Angela tries to erase the incriminating clues, but the appearance of a mysterious character on a social network puts all of them in danger. The unknown person extorts Julia and her classmates, but his plan goes beyond that: he wants to kill them.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 30/08/2023

ISBN: 978-84-08-26411-8

Pages: 336

Imprint: Crossbooks

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DeA Planeta Libri (Italy).

Feature film produced by Brutal Media and distributed by Netflix.