Portada The Forge of Glory
Publishing date:17/11/2021


A brief history of Real Madrid told by a philosopher and soccer fan

What drives Real Madrid to try and be the best of the best year after year, and so often to achieve this goal? What explains the fact that it has been the most successful club on the planet for more than a century, leaving runner-ups very far behind? Perhaps playing for nothing other than prestige greases the axes of expertise, since the great advantage of sport over any other competitive activity is that it does not shy from the attractions of war, but offers them tamed by the rule of fair play. Perhaps it is this fair play, coupled with a unique idiosyncrasy in understanding the sport, that has led the team to be the epitome of soccer glory.

From its founding in 1902 by two Catalan brothers to the expectation of a colossal new stadium for the future, and including the visionary character of Santiago Bernabéu and its current president, the reader will find in the pages of this book arguments to defuse its black legend, as well as the keys and details that have allowed Real Madrid to be the most successful, respected and cosmopolitan company that Spain has given to the world.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 17/11/2021

ISBN: 978-84-670-6400-1

Pages: 136

Imprint: Espasa