Portada The Genetics Of Time
Portada The Genetics Of Time

The Genetics Of Time

Publishing date:6/09/2023


A vivid page-turner of a dystopian thriller, in equal parts moving, desperate and terrifying.

I n the year 2072, Sofía has converted her grandparent’s medieval house into the headquarters of GENE, a school for teenagers genetically edited to have an above average IQ. One of the school’s main objectives is to help resolve the greatest moral dilemma of the age: what are the potential consequences of modifying DNA as we please? Should humans be allowed to play God?

Fifty years ago, Sofía’s grandmother, Mercedes de Grijalba, was an international businesswoman who founded the largest pharmaceutical empire of the 21st century. To save the life of her sick daughter, Clara, Mercedes made some questionable decisions, and in doing so sparked a revolution.

Sofía is proud to remember her grandmother’s success. That is, until she begins to receive some strange letters which shed light on what really went on, and the horrifying challenges that humanity will soon have to face.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 6/09/2023

ISBN: 978-84-670-7033-0

Pages: 472

Imprint: Espasa


The Genetics of Time is a thriller which transports the reader to a world that is not quite as utopian as it seems, where they will be forced to face the ethical dilemmas brought about by gene editing. A deeply felt story of morals and future challenges.