Portada The Illustrated Adventures of a Freelancer and Full Time Father

The Illustrated Adventures of a Freelancer and Full Time Father

Publishing date:31/05/2016


This isn’t a manual for the self-employed or a guide for entrepreneurs. This is the true story of the every day life of a self-employed man and full-time father.

Like all self-employed people, the protagonist is a fighter, used to taking the slings and arrows of fortune. He’s occasionally been accused of being a defeatist but really all self-employed people are. Yes, it’s true, they make their own schedule but they never know what they’re going to earn each month and even take advantage of their children’s birthday parties to do their networking. Even so, as bad as the day might be going, as slow as the week may appear and as catastrophic as the next few months might seem, a real self-employed person never throws in the towel. They always see an opportunity and when they see what their salaried colleagues do in the name of ‘stability’ they know that their choice is worth it.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 31/05/2016

ISBN: 978-84-16489-58-9

Pages: 192

Imprint: Lunwerg Editores


A very relevant book that offers a humorous look on the difficulties of starting one’s own business and balancing work and family life.