Portada The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles

Publishing date:23/03/2010


Lina Kolbrand is a stellar corsair, captain of the ship Eurydice. During a daring lightning raid, she robs a valuable cargo from the Urtians, mysterious intelligent beings who function as a collective entity and are the most advanced species in Variety. The desperate reaction of the Urtians seems to threaten total war against the rest of the intelligent species. But the Urtians have a different objective. They were the first to realise that their universe is dying. The suns are going out and the edges of Variety are collapsing. The whole cosmos is about to disintegrate. Will the inhabitants of Variety be able to escape their prison?


Highlights The Multiverse Chronicles

An epic story of survival whose main characters live in some sort of bubble-universe.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 23/03/2010

ISBN: 978-84-450-7773-3

Pages: 352

Imprint: Minotauro


Crónicas del Multiverso is a clear return to the classic Science Fiction, the one with aliens, star fights, etc.