Portada The Prince of the Skies
Portada The Prince of the Skies

The Prince of the Skies

Publishing date:7/03/2017


Three great friends change the history of aviation. One of them will also touch the lives of millions of readers with The Little Prince.

France 1922, a young Saint-Exupéry meets fellow pilots Jean Mermoz and Henri Guillaumet, and they become pioneering aviators, opening up mail routes in North Africa and South America for Aeropostale. As the years pass, their paths cross and re-cross through crashes, rescues, deaths and enormous changes in aviation technology. Mermoz goes on to become the most famous pilot in France, and Saint-Exupéry a celebrated author. The one constant is their love of flying. The Prince of the Skies portrays how exhilarating and dangerous the early years of civil aviation were for a handful of bold and intrepid pilots and also pays homage to the author of The Little Prince, an unforgettable writer who saw the world through a child’s eyes.


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Winner of the 2017 Biblioteca Breve Prize.

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Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 7/03/2017

ISBN: 978-84-322-3225-1

Pages: 624

Imprint: Seix Barral

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Iztok Zapad (Bulgaria), Akropolis (Czech Republic), Flammarion (France), Baltos Lankos (Lithuania), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), RAO Books (Romania), Individuum (Russia), Pegasus (Turkey), Pan Macmillan (UK), Henry Holt (USA). 

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Wydawnictwo Literackie (Poland), Merry Go Around (Thailand), Alexandra Kiadó (Hungary), Pendo / Piper (Germany), Bookrecipe (Korea), Klidarithmos (Greece), Baltos Lankos (Lithuania), Iztok Zapad (Bulgaria), Keter Books (Israel), Ucila (Slovenia), Bokförlaget Polaris (Sweden), Like Kustannus (Finland), Vivat (Ukraine), Politikens (Denmark), Spring International Publishers (Taiwan), Grada (Slovakia), Morava (Albania).


“Iturbe does a wonderful job of dramatizing how exhilarating and dangerous the early years of civil aviation were for a handful of bold and intrepid pilots. He also recreates in sparking fashion interwar French society. Saint-Ex, his colleagues, and their loves come to life in a novel that would do the author of The Little Prince proud.” -Publishers Weekly

“Antonio Iturbe combines the documentary precision of a born journalist with great narrative fluidity.” Sergio Vila-Sanjuán