Portada The Secret Life of the Shower Head

The Secret Life of the Shower Head

Publishing date:15/11/2023


What science can tell you about your home.


You'll never look at your house in the same way again... And you'll never think about science in the same way either!

Within the walls, furniture, and objects that surround us there are countless scientific curiosities waiting to be discovered. From the hidden physics of a lamp and a lightbulb to the chemistry behind your favourite washing detergent, practically any object in our home can teach us valuable lessons about science and technology. With this book and a little curiosity, you'll find out how.

Our homes form part of who we are, they are at once a refuge and a point of reference in our lives. Ever since human beings began to abandon nomadic life, the spaces we inhabit have evolved alongside advances in technology. Nowadays, we have forgotten what it means to be able to switch on a light or have clean drinking water flowing from our own taps.  

Every household commodity in our surroundings is the result of a long process of creative innovation, scientific discovery and the perseverance of inventors. This book will teach you all about the science and technology that make up our domestic lives.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 15/11/2023

ISBN: 978-84-08-27920-4

Pages: 304

Imprint: GeoPlaneta