Portada The Secrets Of Homemade Bread

The Secrets Of Homemade Bread

Publishing date:20/10/2020


The world’s best recipes of breads and enriched doughs.

Through her popular YouTube channel Recipes by Esbieta, the Ukrainian Svitlana Popivnyak has been sharing with us for some time a wide variety of recipes for making bread and enriched doughs that now, for the first time, she completes in book form.

In The Secrets of Homemade Bread we will find a surprising repertoire of breads and rolls from all corners of the world, both traditional and international, some unknown, that will delight everyone. From daily bread (wheat, spelt, Galician or Italian) to special ones (with olives or caramelized onion), through enriched and festive doughs such as pogacha, fartons, the media noches or the roscón de Reyes. And we mustn’t overlook popular flat breads such as pizza, coca valenciana or khachapurri.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 20/10/2020

ISBN: 978-84-08-23323-7

Pages: 200

Imprint: Editorial Planeta


Through more than 400 photographs "step by step" we will learn the art of kneading bread at home.


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