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The Silent Rider

Publishing date:24/05/2011


In the 16th Century, the king Charles 5th asked the nobility to contribute forces to his campaigns throughout Europe. The king needed horses and the nobility worked hard to satisfy the needs of the monarch. But in the midst of the Renaissance, war was not seen as the only important thing, art mattered too and horses began to be considered as artistic objects, symbols of prestige and distinction. This is the social and political environment into which Yago, a special and different baby is born. He will show everyone around him that he has a special gift: the ability to coax beauty out of horses’ bodies and movements. Yago is the key to creating a special breed of horses.


Highlights The Silent Rider

200,000 copies sold of his previous title: El sanador de caballos.

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Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 24/05/2011

ISBN: 978-84-8460-990-2

Pages: 720

Imprint: Editorial Planeta

Rights sold

Blanvalet (Germany), Salani (Italy).


The adventure of an unusual stable boy who finds beauty in the soul of an animal.

There was once a time when kings forced their horses to go to war... and another time when men sought the ultimate expression of beauty in the soul of an animal.


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