Portada Thirteen
Portada Thirteen
Publishing date:8/09/2021


This is the story of a dream
This is the story of a change

Since she was a girl, Raquel has always dreamed of playing professional soccer, and she remembers perfectly the day her mother signed her up for it. Thanks to her mum’s effort and unbreakable faith and her own perseverance and character, Raquel, at nineteen, has achieved her dream, and is a professional goalie. But how many girls were there with the same dream who didn’t make it?

One day, Raquel gets a worried letter from a mother whose daughter dreams of playing soccer and is getting bullied at school. This letter awakens many emotions in Raquel. Should she call the girl, encourage her, tell her how hard it was to make it to where she is? The road wasn’t easy. How is it possible that even today, there’s a stigma around girls wanting to play soccer? Raquel never would have made it without all the women who fought to play before her, to belong to a professional league and be respected as athletes.

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Publishing date: 8/09/2021

ISBN: 978-84-08-24617-6

Pages: 416

Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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