Portada Understand Your Emotions

Understand Your Emotions

Publishing date:29/11/2023


I n this book, Doctor Enrique Rojas addresses the feelings, emotions, passions and motivations that condition our behaviour. By learning how to identify them, we can learn to control them, instead of letting them to control us. 

Emotions can be classified into opposing pairs: love and hate, happiness and sadness, calm and fear, admiration and contempt, etc. By considering the diagnosis and treatment of the many patients he has worked with over the years, Dr Rojas shows us how to face up to negative feelings and keep the positive ones in check so they don’t lead us astray.

This book is a journey through the great emotions, which always have two opposing faces: joy and sadness, love and heartbreak, peace and anxiety, happiness and unhappiness, empathy and lack of empathy, self-steem and insecurity, admiration and contempt, prestige and disrepute. Emotional life is a palette of colors, a  symphony of flavors. Ultimately, one should aspire to reasonable happiness: a good balance between what one has desired and what one has achieved.


Highlights Understand Your Emotions

A clear, detailed guide to identifying how we feel so we can take back control and find emotional balance.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 29/11/2023

ISBN: 978-84-670-7123-8

Pages: 232

Imprint: Espasa