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Portada What The Snow Whispers As It Falls
Portada What The Snow Whispers As It Falls

What The Snow Whispers As It Falls

Publishing date:22/11/2023


Much more than a classic love story where boy meets girl. It’s a novel which explores meaningful themes and asks whether selfdiscovery, personal growth, and professional development might together form the best path to true happiness.

As a famous musician and composer, Aiden receives a lot of fan mail. But one day, a disconcerting letter arrives on his doorstep - a woman claiming to be his biological mother has reached out and wants to meet up. Reeling from the discovery that he was adopted, Aiden feels even more detached from his parents than he was before. He ignores the letter until, he finally decides to travel to the village where his biological mother lives and demand some answers. When he arrives, he discovers that the woman died a few months previously following a long illness. As he spends more time in the village, he uncovers some of his mother’s diaries and begins to learn more about her life. He also gets to know her attractive neighbour, Rowan, and it’s not long before he’s itching to start composing again.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 22/11/2023

ISBN: 978-84-08-27878-8

Pages: 448

Imprint: Crossbooks