Portada Wild Saints

Wild Saints

Publishing date:25/10/2023


A bewitching and terrifying tale of folk horror set in the dark heart of Galicia.

Flora is an anthropologist and researcher of Galician heritage. After a career setback, she decides to travel to the village where her ancestors lived in search
of a woman who appears in a strange photograph given to her by her father. The picture, dated 1949, features a young girl looking in horror at traditional mask, an ‘entroido’, used in a particular ancestral rite during carnival. Following the few leads she has, Flora manages to find the girl from the photo, now a woman in her nineties and a legendary storyteller, living with her son in an isolated house deep in the Larouco sierra near the Portuguese border. After a failed first encounter, Flora returns to the house hoping to talk to her, but instead finds a young woman who nobody seems to have heard about. The next day, the young woman is found dead, having apparently been viciously gored by a bull. Flora later learns that the woman was pregnant, and that the
foetus had been cut from her womb in what appears to be an attempt at some form of witchcraft. What began as a simple research trip soon sees Flora descend into a macabre labyrinthine web, where stories of historic disappearances seem to spell out a sinister truth: that misfortune and misery are not determined by chance, but by a dark destiny that one can never escape.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 25/10/2023

ISBN: 978-84-670-6980-8

Pages: 576

Imprint: Espasa


Wild Saints is an electrifying horror novel which muses on the way that myths are created and distorted to endure over centuries.