Portada You're Screwing Up Your Life
Portada You're Screwing Up Your Life

You're Screwing Up Your Life

Publishing date:27/09/2023


Forget your best self and just be you.

The new gurus of the self-help industry are constantly bombarding us with phrases like: “Be your best self ” or ‘Achieve your goals and find happiness’. Their message is that a person’s value depends on their productivity and their achievements, which dehumanises us. As a result, we market ourselves on social media as though we were a product to be sold, and we demand more and more of ourselves in an insatiable quest for perfectionism that leads to anxiety, depression, stress and frustration.

It’s time to reclaim our humanity and our personal values. To start being ourselves and find satisfaction in who we really are so we can treat ourselves with decency and respect.

Let’s be happy with who we are and leave the gurus to keep screwing up their lives trying to improve their so-called best selves in the eyes of an inner judge
they’ll never be able to satisfy.

"All I really want to do is to help you to rethink a few things, nothing more, because I believe psychology, like philosophy, shouldn’t take us all down a single path; it should be about disorientating us a little, so we are forced to come up with our own questions. That way we can find our own answers, answers that will guide us each down a path of our own".


Highlights You're Screwing Up Your Life

A new anti-self-help book.

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Publishing date: 27/09/2023

ISBN: 978-84-270-5170-6

Pages: 304

Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca