Portada Zeus and Family

Zeus and Family

Publishing date:9/02/2022


Gods, heroes and temples. A scholarly and humorous account of Greek and Roman mythology.

In Zeus and Family, Fermín Bocos draws an impressionist fresco, to offer us, with humor and great erudition, a catalog of the most famous myths and rituals of the classical world. This is a fascinating and accessible work of cultural divulgation imbued with a love for history, philosophy and art that builds bridges with today’s world to show the still current influential validity of the intellectual production of the Greeks and Romans.

How were the divinities represented? Where were their centers of power and worship? How did the ancients characterize and identify with the mythical world, so different from the Christian way of understanding the world, but at the same time surviving in certain crucial aspects of life today? Zeus and Family is a sampling of Olympian divinities and other entities of Antiquity, a subjective, amusing and cultured journey that reveals the mysteries of our foundational past.

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Technical data

Publishing date: 9/02/2022

ISBN: 978-84-344-3511-7

Pages: 240

Imprint: Editorial Ariel