Portada Zodiac Girl. Part Three

Zodiac Girl. Part Three

Publishing date:7/06/2023


It’s time to put an end to experimenting; it's time to find love

Connor has just declared his love to Anna. However, she’s not sure how she feels about him, so she decides to continue her experiment. Next to enter the action are the Gemini twins: Firenze and Ru. Anna soon realises that they are both playing games with her, so she opts to move on to the next sign and starts using an app that promises to build lasting relationships with authentic and honest connections. Through this, she meets the Cancer boy, and the Virgo boy, but they don’t fit the “man of her dreams” prototype either. She only needs to test one more sign to prove that her horoscope theory is true: will it be the Leo boy with whom she achieves the perfect “match”?.

Juicy and wild YA romance with erotic vibes.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 7/06/2023

ISBN: 978-84-08-27335-6

Pages: 352

Imprint: Editorial Planeta


Juicy and wild YA romance with erotic vibes.