Retrato de  Alma Obregón

Alma Obregón

Alma Obregón (Bilbao, 1984) decided to drop everything and devote herself to her love of confectionery. Self-taught at the beginning, she completed her training with courses in Europe and the United States and obtained the title of Pastry Chef from Le Cordon Bleu. Although she is known for her unconditional love of cupcakes, the truth is that she likes all forms of sweets, to which she dedicates herself body and soul. Author of the best-selling cupcake book in Spain (Objetivo: cupcake perfecto), she has published numerous recipe books of sweets, presented three seasons of the Cupcake Maniacs program and also has her own program: Dulces con Alma. She has her own bakery in Madrid, “Cookies and Dreams by Alma”, to which she devotes a large part of her time, and also teaches courses at her own school, Alma’s Cupcakes.