Retrato de  Manuel Ríos San Martín

Manuel Ríos San Martín

Manuel Ríos (Madrid, 1965) is a scriptwriter who works for a local production company, developing animated films and series for HBO, he has also collaborated as a script writer in some of the most successful Spanish TV series of recent years. His first novel CÍRCULOS (Suma, 2016) received good online reviews but nothing much. LA HUELLA DEL MAL is his second novel, a fast-paced and dynamic thriller to be launched as a lead title of Planeta in June 2019. Detailed, well narrated and full of sentimental and criminal suspense, the novel links a criminal investigation with humanity’s origins. Not a single element of the plot is there by chance, and in the end everything perfectly fits, providing the reader an intense thriller, with a maximum literary value, driven by characters with a great emotional depth.