Retrato de  Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo

RICARDO CAVOLO graduated in Fine Art from the Universidad de Salamanca. Johnny Cash provides the soundtrack to his life but he listens to Neutral Milk Hotel at special moments. One could say that he was pretty much born in his father’s painting studio. It was there that he learned how to hold a pencil properly and he has never let go since. He is an artist with a unique imagination, who grew professionally as Director of Art at advertising agencies until he realized that his vivid iconography of tattoos, mythology and fantasy should be seen by a larger audience. As an illustrator, he has worked with several different publishers including SM, Periférica, Limina (Italy) and Madriguera (Peru). The turning point in his career came when he was chosen by Cirque Du Soleil to work on one of its artistic projects in Spain in 2010. He has also worked for the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), on album covers and posters for labels such as Gran Derby Records and BOA Music, and was the illustrator for the musician Raúl Querido (Producciones Azul Alcachofa). He has had exhibitions at galleries such as Mad is Mad, Espacio Valverde and Gunter Gallery.