Portada Avenue of Light

Avenue of Light

Publishing date:24/03/2015


In 1955, Hermenegildo Pla disappeared without a trace while he was working on the City of Light, an underground architectural project in Barcelona that was designed as an extension of the Avenue of Light but never opened. Ten years later, Herme reappears as though nothing had happened, wearing the same clothes with which he’d gone to work on that morning so many years before. No one believes his explanation of where he was during that time.

When grandfather Herme disappears again, the stories about the eccentric octogenarian take on new meaning for his grandson Pere. The young man immediately contacts Will, an English student looking for people to join him on an urban exploration of the area. 

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 24/03/2015

ISBN: 978-84-450-0247-6

Pages: 320

Imprint: Minotauro


This novel skilfully mixes elements of thriller, terror and fantasy literature but with a very realistic setting and a trendy theme: urban exploration. 

Immerse yourself in a claustrophobic tale of terror set in the ancient Avenida de la Luz, an unknown part of Barcelona where your worst nightmares might well come true. 

The setting is a hidden part of historic Barcelona: the Avenue of Light has become a near mythical space that many readers will discover with this novel.