Retrato de  María Zaragoza

María Zaragoza

María Zaragoza (Madrid, 1982) is the author of many books, such as Ensayos sobre un personaje incompleto (Essays on an Incomplete Character, 2000), Dicen que estás muerta (They Say That You’re Dead, Premio Ateneo joven de Sevilla de novela 2010), Los alemanes se vuelan la cabeza por amor (Germans Go Nuts for Love, Premio Ateneo Ciudad de Valladolid 2012) and Constanza Barbazul (Constanza Bluebeard, Sigueleyendo, 2013), among others. She was also a finalist in the Premio Planeta in 2013.

Together with the artist Didac Pla, she published the comic book Cuna de cuervos (Crow’s Nest, 2009), which was translated in Brazil. She writes articles for the La Mancha digital magazine Fonda Dolores and when she’s not doing any of that, she personalizes the Blythe dolls that appear in this novel with her mother.