Portada Chef


  • Romain Fornell
Publishing date:3/03/2021


The book explores French cuisine, its tradition, its elements and its most emblematic products, as well as its realization, through the hands and career of the renowned chef Romain Fornell. 

The author reflects on the weight of his country’s gastronomy and how it forged his journey from France to Spain, to find himself in a city, Barcelona, where the most traditional Mediterranean cuisine collided fearlessly with the emergence of a rebellious, modern and groundbreaking gastronomy. With expertise, recipes, a sense of humor and a deep knowledge of the culinary universe, Fornell addresses in Chef the thousand ways food can be understood.


Highlights Chef

Romain Fornell was the youngest chef to win a Michelin star, which he earned at La Chaldette restaurant in 2001.

He is a prodigious and prestigious chef who manages some fifteen gastronomic establishments in Barcelona, S’Agaró and Andorra such as Casa Tejada, Café Turó, La Plasshola, Vistro 49, Candlelight, Casa Leopoldo, Joël’s Oyster Bar, Épicerie, Rooftop Ohla or Chef’s Table, in addition to the award-winning Caelis.

In 2005 he earned another star at his restaurant Caelis in Barcelona, making him the first starred chef in both France and Spain.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 3/03/2021

ISBN: 978-84-08-22834-9

Pages: 235

Imprint: Planeta Gastro


“After spending more than half a lifetime behind the stove, it was time for Romain to share his recipes with us! The dishes explained, described and presented in this volume will delight you. Let yourself be guided: discover and rediscover. A book to always have at hand as a practical manual, which will eventually become a must-have.”

Guillaume Gomez, chef at the Elysée Palace

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