Portada Sauces!


  • Romain Fornell
Publishing date:10/01/2024


The big book of sauces by the French chef Romain Fornell

Easy to prepare, versatile and flavorful, sauces are essential in cooking. In this book, the great chef Romain Fornell offers recipes for a selection of the very finest sauces that will help us enrich and give a special touch to all our preparations. An entire world of sauces, unique, classic, contemporary, traditional and surprising, each one with its own character, flavor and aroma so that you can immers yourself in a world of tastes and scents and enjoy one of life’s great culinary experiences.
The book includes 90 recipes for soups, juices and stock bases, preparations using pestle and mortar, typical French sauces, hot emulsions and cold ones to be kept always in the refrigerator, and even sweet sauces. Explained in full detail, step by step and with masterly advice and suggestions, this book will become your great ally to venture forth from monotony and fill your dishes with flavor. Truly, sauces resist oblivion… Long live sauces!

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 10/01/2024

ISBN: 978-84-08-28160-3

Pages: 208

Imprint: Planeta Gastro


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