Portada Cultivating Your Strength     

Cultivating Your Strength    

Publishing date:3/04/2024


How to begin training your strength, key to longevity and mental health  

Mindful bodybuilding is not only a way to show off a toned body, but an essential tool to combat muscle loss, prevent chronic diseases, improve our quality of life as we age and increase our longevity. 

With a holistic focus, Carla Zaplana explores the benefits of bodybuilding to maintain and strengthen our muscles at all stages of life. She offers us the necessary tools to incorporate the practice into our daily life, from strengthening ourselves physically to increasing our mental stamina. The book includes training routines, exercise sequences, and a wide range of advice on methods, times and breaks to practice bodybuilding depending on one’s body type. 

 Bodybuilding in a mindful and healthy way also involves eating in a smart way. To this end, the author addresses such questions as the power of protein, essential nutrients, and intermittent fasting, all to complement strength training. In this way, this simple and practical guide offers a comprehensive way to achieve a healthier and more active life.  


Highlights Cultivating Your Strength    

A comprehensive guide toward a more mindful and healthy understanding of bodybuilding, diet and nutrition. 

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Technical data

Publishing date: 3/04/2024

ISBN: 978-84-1119-142-5

Pages: 240

Imprint: Diana