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Hidden Harbour

Publishing date:8/09/2015


A thriller inspired by a real murder that took place in Cantabria in 1953.

Oliver, a young man from London with a strange family situation and a painful loss, inherits a colonial home, Villa Marina, on the beach in the small coastal town of Suances in Cantabria. His plan is to remodel it and convert it into a small country inn –a new beginning for him– but they have to stop work when they discover a mummified skeleton in the walls. Do these remains date back to the Civil War? The clues lead the police –under the efficient but secretive leadership of Lieutenant Valentina Redondo, to an old, rich widow who gave Villa Marina to its overseers– an intriguing woman of very humble origins. When the murders in the area begin to come together, the police realize that their initial discovery has stirred up ghosts from the past that someone wanted to keep asleep at all costs.

Fragments of a diary about the first days of the Civil War mingle with the main story of the investigation. A mysterious voice tells us the destiny of a family marked by the war and the postwar period and of two inseparable and ambitious sisters who are capable of anything to take care of one another and to emerge from the misery their birth seems to have destined them for.

Past and present spy on each other, crisscrossing in this stirring tale situated on the untamed coast of Cantabria, which still hold secrets of the bitter relationships between masters and servants.


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Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 8/09/2015

ISBN: 978-84-233-4952-4

Pages: 432

Imprint: Ediciones Destino

Rights sold

Dioptras (Greece), Actes Sud (France), Blanvalet (Germany), Ponte Alle Grazie (Italy), WAM (Poland), Phantom Press (Russia), WAM (Poland).

Audiovisual rights optioned. 



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