Portada The Leftist Lawyer
Portada The Leftist Lawyer

The Leftist Lawyer

Publishing date:17/01/2024


A novel about the Civil War to bury the Civil War. A hymn to the hope of definitive reconciliation.

Eduardo Peña, a still young lawyer, lives with his mother in a devastated Madrid preparing for the end of the war. His mood, in line with the times, oscillates between uncertainty and the desire to regain something resembling normalcy. He thinks that peace will put an end to what he considers the most terrible years of his life. He couldn't be more wrong.

When Madrid falls, everything will change: Eduardo will witness the abuses of the victors and the humiliation of the vanquished, hunger, misery, and the whole litany of brutalities that accompany the post-war period. One day, to the astonishment of his mother, he decides to undertake the only act of courage of his life: to try to defend a neighbor who has been taken into custody.

Eduardo will end up in jail for having been part of the red army. It seems like the end of the game, and yet there he will receive the most unusual offer to regain his freedom. The price? To be part of the machinery of revenge and repression that the judicial system has become.

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 17/01/2024

ISBN: 978-84-670-7163-4

Pages: 608

Imprint: Espasa