Portada The Map of Longing
Portada The Map of Longing

The Map of Longing

Publishing date:30/03/2022


If you were given a map to discover who you are, would you follow the marked route to the end?

Grace Peterson is born with a very specific mission: to save the life of her sister Lucy, who is seriously ill. The fact that Lucy dies in spite of everything will cause Grace’s life to lose its meaning. She is a shy girl who has always felt invisible. She has never left Nebraska, loves to write, and watches the days go by in a monotonous line. Until one day she gets her hands on The Map of Longing game and, following the instructions, the first thing she must do is find someone named Will Tucker, whom she has never heard of and who is about to embark with her on a journey straight to the heart, full of vulnerabilities and forgotten dreams, longings and unexpected affections. But is it possible to move forward when secrets begin to weigh too heavily? Who is who in this story?


Highlights The Map of Longing

The author who has captivated more than a million readers.

The Map of Longing is a story of discovery and the life we wish for ourselves beyond what is expected of us.

International Editions

Technical Data

Technical data

Publishing date: 30/03/2022

ISBN: 978-84-08-25595-6

Pages: 496

Imprint: Editorial Planeta

Rights sold

Heyne (Germany), Presença (Portugal), SourceBooks (USA), Hachette (France), Mondadori (Italy).


The Map of Longing is a deep love story told in two voices where the story of a young woman who many female readers believe themselves to be and the man they all want to find is masterfully portrayed.


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